Examples of my work

I can write on a range of subjects, in a range of styles. I have written news stories, features and brochures, and edited and proofed reports. Click on the links to see some examples of my work:

My main client at the moment is the British Medical Journal for whom I am the global health correspondent. Think of a horrible disease – malaria, TB, HIV – and I have written about it. Global health is a really fascinating subject and I feel very privileged to have this brief. I also provide cover for the news editor when she is on holiday. I love news editing – choosing stories, briefing correspondents and editing copy. When I covered for the news editor in 2010 there was a public sector strike in South Africa and I decided that week’s edition of the BMJ would lead on that. Publishing a story that not many other news outlets had covered was great.

I have done two features for the Guardian in the last few years. One was on employee buyouts and the other was on owning your own piece of woodland. These were both ideas I pitched to the Guardian.

This feature appeared in the BMJ in 2008. I got the idea after hearing Colonel Tim Hodgetts, an army medic, talking on Radio 4′s PM about advances in battlefield medicine.

Before it was absorbed by the Design Council I was on the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment’s editorial panel and I edited this report on home care for the elderly for them. I re-wrote the introduction and chopped 5,000 words from the report.

I have also done a lot of writing and editing work for The Centre for Innovation in Health Management based at Leeds University. It describes itself as a “think and do tank” (a description I like!) and after I edited a report for them they asked me to rewrite a promotional brochure. The original copy was fairly dry and I turned it into a succinct and punchy brochure.

I am also the publicity officer for the Oral History Society. This is a voluntary role and I am focusing on new media as a cheap and easy way of getting our message across. Follow us on Twitter: @OralHistorySoc

If you would like to see my CV click here


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