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She shoots, she scores (2)

So, my self coaching experiment isn’t going badly so far…. I am working from the bottom up and I have now achieved goal number two – ie, I have settled on an idea for my play and have begun to write it. The idea started with an image: a bedraggled young woman wakes up in her flat and finds a bag bulging with money in her sitting room. I have written the opening scene but as our wonderful playwriting teacher, Stephen Brown, keeps telling us writing is really all about rewriting. So, I think I am going to scrap the opening scene, or at least part of it. I do love the idea of it though.

My aim is to write a play that will keep my husband awake for its duration. The amount of cultural events he has slept through (or at least partially slept through) is legion: Pulp Fiction, War Horse (I sobbed beside him), the I see dead people film (name escapes me), Rocket to the Moon (on at the National earlier this year and it was, frankly, a bit dull), Sense and Sensibility etc etc. The only recent theatrical event he has stayed awake throughout recently was Simon Callow’s one man show on Shakespeare. However, his alertness might have been more down to the astonishingly uncomfortable seating at the Whitehall theatre. I’m off to see Top Girls there tomorrow night – I hope I’ll be less wriggly this time.

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