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Teaching an old dog…

It’s always good to do something new and last week I did that by recording a podcast for the British Medical Journal, one of my regular clients.

I interviewed the incredibly impressive Dr Claudia Stein from the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe. She is one of those amazingly articulate Europeans – German in her case – who put us monoglot little Englanders to shame. Dr Stein was talking about a WHO report on the health of the European population, which, in WHO terms, stretches from Israel in the South over to Vladivostok in the east. Europeans are getting healthier but health inequalities are increasing.

This is the first time I’ve recorded a journalistic interview which other people will listen to and it really made me think about my uhms and aahs.

If you want to listen to it click here¬†and go to “latest BMJ podcast” on the right hand side.


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