Frontline medicine

24 Nov

Far be it from me to big myself up (oh go on then…) but I was settling down to watch Michael Mosley’s programme Frontline Medicine on BBC2 the other night and I suddenly thought: “Hold on! Didn’t I write a very similar feature for the British Medical Journal back in 2008?” Here it is (click on the red ‘H’).

I thought it was a fascinating programme. So did my seven-year-old who wandered in on a lingering shot of a bullet wound in someone’s chest. (It was 9.45 in the evening and he should have been in bed).

Dr Mosley made some very salient points about what the NHS can (and do) learn from the army. I’ve always been so impressed with army medics, ever since a trip I did to Bosnia with Nursing Times in 1997. So well done Dr Mosley for bringing greater attention to their work than I ever could.

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